<WH in Germany> Wonderland Montpellier

(Originally wrote on 07/12/2012 and modified on 04/23/2015)

Bonjour! Are you bored with museums, churches and graffiti? Come on! It’s summer now!

Now it’s time to turn your focus to the beach of Palavas-les-Flots, on the Mediterranean coast, where is near Montpellier. MonTake tram 3 (direction: PÉROLS), and get off at the final stop. It takes 20 minutes. Then you need to take Bus 131, and it takes 10 minutes. This is the Mediterranean what I’ve dreamed for long long time. I feel like South Bay in Taiwan. There are many people playing sailboats and water scooters although no banana boats. The sky is greatly blue and no clouds. You can listen to the voice of sea gull. It is awesome that there is a beach in own backyard. When I was hanging out in the town of Montpellier today, Paris man recommended I can go to this place.


At first, I wanted to visit Avignon again and attend art festival. However, I saw someone in the Internet like Montpellier in south France the most. So, I chose here to my first stop.

University of Montpellier (Université de Montpellier) is one of oldest in the world, which is founded in 12th century. It is very convenient here. The school of medicine is last for a long time since 1937 and the citizens are proud of that, which is the spot you can’t miss. It consists of many students in Montpellier. There are many internet cafes and supermarkets in the town, which is very convienient.

2012-07-12 10.13.16

You can see the map in main scenic spots easily. The maps in the France are the most friendly for tourists because they picture in your direction. Instead, you may get the map in other countries, which shows exact north.

Splendid, small but beautiful house are both here. I like here so much. Here is a few Eastern tourists. You can arrange 3 days to visit Montpellier at least. First day, walk around Montpellier and attend free guide tour, especially in the old town. Second day, go to another small towns. I lived in Hotel Majestic. It needs to share bathrooms, but staffs are friendly, and it’s close to the city center. I want to live forever. Although I stepped on shit today, but all are people that I meet are so nice here. LOVE Montpellier! Jump to train or take a flight right now and enjoy festival in Montpellier this summer.

2012-07-12 10.54.54
ps1. Except Bus 131, you also choose Bus 132. There is another beach, but is also the Mediterranean.  Just buy tickets from driver.
ps2. There are 4 tram lines in Montpellier. Remember to activate your ticket. If you don’t activate your ticket or buy the ticket, you will get the refund when staff check the ticket.


2012-07-12 09.46.06

其實當初要來南法的時候,本來還想要再去一次Avignon,但是看到網友說他把南法最喜歡的城市給Montpellier,所以我選擇這裡當作第一站,這裡比較像是大學城,生活機能很方便,有很多網咖、超市,主要景點旁邊都有地圖,但保留以前金碧輝煌的建築,但也有矮矮小小漂亮的小房子,我很喜歡這裡,來這邊玩的東方人倒是不多,行程至少排三天兩夜以上,一天在市區玩,一天去其他漂亮小鎮,住在這邊的Hotel Majestic,單人房一天29歐,共用衛浴,工作人員都很好,就在市區旁邊,我好不想離開喔!雖然今天在路上踩到狗屎,但整天遇到的人倒是都很熱情。


2012-07-12 10.12.50


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