<WH in Germany> lovely Paris path

(Originally wrote on 07/11/2012 and modified on 04/22/2015)

I left for train station at 5:00 and seemed like by wind. A total and new life starts! No more kids anymore.

I traveled Paris and Munich at the same time last year. Maybe it is destiny that it’s supposed to leave!

I used the free time in Paris before transferring to Montpellier. I went to Butte-aux-cailles where “Idées de Paris” recommends the tour.


Get off at corvisart of line 6 and then exit from left. In front of you is Boulevard Auguste Blanqui, and then cross this road. You will see the ramp with plants. Go up the park, and then turn left.



Then you will see Rue des Cinq-Diamants. On these winding roads, it is not difficult to know Idées’ motive. Walking by yourself in warm afternoon. Watching old houses that breath vigorously in Paris.


This area is not re-established by Haussmann, so it is not straight like Avenue des Champs-Élysées. However, it retains the old Paris style. There are many graffiti of artists in many house wall. If you’re not rush, and the weather in Paris is good, just come here. The opportunity that you meet tourists is rare.


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趁Paris換車到Montpellier有了幾個小時的空檔,我跑到”安朵的巴黎”推薦的私房行程鵪鶉之丘散步,從六號線corvisart出來後,往出口左手邊走,眼前就會看到Boulevard Auguste Blanqui,穿過這條路後,往有綠蔭樓梯的坡道走,走到上面的小公園,往左手邊小路走,盡頭就是Rue des Cinq-Diamants。

這一段彎彎曲曲的小徑裡,不難看出安朵推薦的巴黎,不太熱的下午,開始一個人散步,看看巴黎的老房子,很有味道的活著,這一條路也因為沒有受到 Haussmann太多的整建,所以沒有像香榭大道週遭的整齊,但也保留比較類似老巴黎的建築風格。現在很多房子上也都有許多藝術家的塗鴉,如果不是很趕行程,而且巴黎天氣也很好的話,不妨來這邊走走,遇到觀光客的機會也少上很多。



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