<WH in Germany> Where am I going?

(Originally wrote on 07/06/2012 and modified on 04/21/2015)

This is the big sculpture what I missed in Schwabing last year. I intended to go to Englisher Garten last week. I saw it when I walked from Universtät to Giselastrasse of U-Bahn.

It meets my decision now. Where am I going? I will leave tomorrow, and continue my own travel. The reasons why I leave are too many. Can’t count! I have arrived in Germany for 2 months. I decided to back to Berlin, but first I will go to France, Italy, Kassel where the famous “Documenta” is.

I always wait recently. Waiting for Bahn Card, answers of landlord, travelling, replies, leaving, and adventures. I saw the postcard from my best friend by LINE. Thank you so much, love you.

In new album of Deserts Xuan, “We often envy the people who believe truth and stick it out. After we envy, we just have excuses. We explain when we’re the one, we always have many reasons involuntarily. So, you are forced to neglect your heart and desire. If you can do it for yourself, even one time in your life, just try what you have dreamed boldly. Let your life be unforgettable and different!”

這是去年我錯過在schwabing的大型雕塑,上禮拜本來要去Englisher Garten,從Universtät走到Giselastrasse路上就遇到他了,很符合現在的決定!我要去哪裡?明天就要離開小孩家,繼續開始一個人的旅行,關於原因狗屁倒灶,大概有八百個,一個蹉跎竟然已經快來德國兩個月,我決定回到柏林,不過在這之前當然還要去法國和義大利玩,當然不能錯過Kassel的文件展。

最近一直在等待,等待Bahn card來,等待房東回應,等待去旅行,等待很多回音,等待離開,等待冒險,今天在捷運看到朋友line給我的明信片,謝謝你,在最近已經焦躁焦慮十分的當下,只能用熱淚盈眶來回報你!在張懸新專輯介紹中寫到,”常常我們會羨慕那些為所信仰的真理,堅持到底的人。也往往在羨慕過後,不斷搪塞藉口,去解釋為什麼崇高理想一旦到了自己身上,卻永遠有身不由己的理由,使得你被迫去忽視自己的真心與多年的嚮往;如果說,能為自己,哪怕是一生一次也好,大膽的放手去嘗試曾經有過的偉大理想!讓人生一場有過一次難忘的曾經擁有!讓生命有一點不同!”


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