<WH in Germany> Must Come & enjoy the TENT in Munich

(Originally wrote on 07/10/2012 and modified on 04/21/2015)

I can’t find where is the most beautiful place in THE TENT, but I like here so much. Thanks for recommend of Stella.

Summer vacation is expensive in Munich. If you don’t mind the quality of sleep, welcome to enjoy the nature of Munich. You can live in the big tent, or bring your own tent. If you live in the big tent, you can choose to sleep in the FloorTent (offer foam mats and blankets, only costs 7.5 – 15 Euro) or BedTent (offer blankets, only cost 10.5 – 25 Euro). There are free wifi, cheap cafeteria, kitchen all you can use, free table tennis, basketball, piano, and guitar. Furthermore, the bathrooms are clean.

I’ve stayed here for 3 days and seen 2 books. Staying here is simple. You don’t need to be rush in tours. Don’t think anything, just wait sunset, cheerful atmosphere. Here seems like English district of Germany. Everybody speaks English. Although everyone comes from worldwide, everyone loves to talk for a while. If you can speak different languages, especially western boys, girls often likes to talk to you. The travelers are so cool here. Come along, stay temporarily, leave along. No burden, just come, enjoy and leave.

I eat simple food, think and wait for enjoying the sunshine of south France. lol

ps1. You can take tram 16 or 17, and get off at Botanisher Garten. Even at midnight, you also can take N16 to get there.

一直沒想到這裡哪裡有最漂亮的外表,但我卻很喜歡這裡的內在,謝謝 Stella Wi的推薦。貴鬆鬆的暑假,如果不是很在意睡眠品質的人歡迎來這裡享受大自然,可以選擇住在大帳篷裡,或者自己帶帳篷來,住在大帳篷可以選睡地板(但會提供軟墊和毛毯),或者住百人上下鋪(提供毛毯),這裡有免費wifi ,便宜的咖啡廳,廚房任你使用,免費租用桌球及籃球、鋼琴及吉他,廁所衛浴也很乾淨。



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