<WH in Germany> try BMW museum

(Originally wrote on 06/29/2012 and modified on 04/20/2015)

I’ll be hot to die. Although it’s not hot and wet like Taiwan, the temperature is 31 Celsius today.

The sun burned. I needed to stop my pulse to take umbrella on my bag. I went to BMW museum where my classmate has dreamed for a long time. I didn’t enter the ticket zone, but someone said there are fewer cars than he imagines. However, there are many people testing cars in the free-ticket place. Even in the parking lot, all are BMW!!!

Olympiapark is super big, despite sun, ducks, swans, and the people were enjoying sunbath. Although I felt I will become dried person, there were good scenery in the park. However, in hot summer, why not have a “Weissbier” and watch a novel in the Donisl? Yeah…good beer!

I always speak English in Munich, because too many people can speak English. I give up speaking German easily. When I are on the way home, I meet a person living in Munich. We talk but it’s short time between Hauptbahnhof to Sendlinger Tor. Furthermore, while I was waiting for U-Bahn at Marienplatz, a father and a son were talking “Bubble T” (milk tea with pearl). I just wanted to say “Oh, please come to Taiwan to drink real and good milk tea with pearl. Don’t drink these weird beverages.”

ps1. Olympiapark and BMW Museum are at Olympiazentrum of U3.
ps2. If you want to go to Donisl, get off at Marienplatz. When you face new city hall, it is on your left.

要熱死啦!雖然不像台灣濕熱型,但今天高溫也有31度,太陽大的程度也是曬得我紅通通,嘎吱窩汗流不停,一直要忍住拿出包包裡洋傘的衝動,今天去Cheng最想要的BMW博物館,雖然沒有進到買票區參觀,聽到其他參觀的人說這裡的車沒有想像的多,但開放區好多人在試車喔!連停車格都是停著BMW,超級囂張的。Olympiapark超級大,除了太陽鴨子天鵝,還有瘋狂日光浴的人,雖然我有一度覺得我要變成人乾,但還好沿途風景頗佳。不過這麼熱的下午,當然還是要去Donisl來一杯Weissbier,順便看看One day,啊~送啦!

在慕尼黑真的會很依賴英文,因為好多人會講英文,所以不自覺就會放棄德文,要回家的時候,還遇到慕尼黑當地人跟我聊天,每次都讓我覺得火車站到Sendlinger Tor這段路太短。今天在Marienplatz等車的時候,遇到一對父子在討論Bubble T(就是珍珠奶茶),超想跟小孩講說,吼~拜託你們一定要來台灣喝珍珠奶茶,不要再喝這種詭異的東西了。

[註1] Olympiapark和BMW博物館都在U3上的Olympiazentrum站。
[註2] Donisl在Marienplatz站下車,面對新市政廳左手邊的巷子。


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