(Originally wrote on 06/26/2012 and modified on 04/19/2015)

Today, I went to the place where I have traveled last year. I stayed in the town of Munich one day last year. However, I very wanted to see the place where is full of bookstores, bars, and cafes, so I went to Schwabing especially. It was pity that I didn’t see the famous sculpture. Today I want to bet whether I can find, but I don’t find it and Turkey street finally. Where are you????

The picture showed people were playing bigger chess. Here everyone loves ice cream, and they always eats ice cream. Just one Euro, you can eat ice cream. It is cheap in Germany. But I think ice cream of Fu-Jen and MIYAHARA are the best in Taiwan. The weather is good today. The sunlight shined everywhere. I sit in the stairs to review German vocabularies and miss the milk, waffles and sandwiches of Milange Cafe. OMG…I miss Taiwan so much. The students of universities look so young and good temperament. Maybe it’s time to study again.

ps. Münchener Freiheit is at U3 or U6.


[註]Münchener Freiheit在U3或U6上。