<WH in Germany> Enjoy the leisure time

(Originally wrote on 06/24/2012 and modified on 04/19/2015)

Today, I went to “Alte Pinakothek” and “Neue Pinakothek“. It costs 7 Euro from Tuesday to Saturday. But only 1 Euro on SUNDAY (not including audio)!!! The former collects paints of 14-18 century. Compare the painting, I like inside the building contrarily. Especially, the long long stairs. Sit on the stairs as you want, enjoy the sunshine from windows, and watch the novel “One Day”.In front of museum, there are handsome boys playing Frisbee, hot girls taking sunbath, groups of people playing soccer, playing badminton. What a leisure life!

The latter collects arts of 19 century. For routes of museum, I don’t think it is clear. I almost got lost. However, it is a very plentiful museum. When I left museum, I watched a dog that are parked outside the museum by its host. It was very depressed, and waited for its host.

今天去了Alte PinakothekNeue Pinakothek,平常要七歐的展覽,禮拜天都只要一歐,超划算!前者展出歐洲14世紀到18世紀的繪畫,比起作品我還比較喜歡建築內的設計,那個長長的階梯,享受傾瀉而下的陽光,肆意的坐在階梯上,看著我一直沒有看完的One day小說,美術館前面草地,有帥氣男孩在玩飛盤,有比基尼金髮妹曬太陽,一坨一坨人踢足球,打羽球,這就是一種生活的悠閒啊!後者則著重收藏19世紀的作品,以美術館動線而言,實在標示的不是很清楚,我竟然走到有點迷路,但館藏頗豐富,離開的時候,還看到一隻狗被停在美術館旁,百般憂鬱的等待主人帶他回家。


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