<WH in Germany> What is your best suggestion?

(Originally wrote on 06/23/2012 and modified on 04/18/2015)

I feel so far from Taiwan in Germany. Even the Dragon Boat Festival, I need to ask my best friend. I watch Golden Melody Awards every year, but I know who win the awards from facebook of friends. My friends have fallen in love over 10 years, and they decide to marry. I also hear from my friend. First time, I feel I let time pass and do nothing.

I especially went to “Lou Lan Cha” near the königplatz, which is opened by Taiwanese . This time is real pearl, and flavor is okay. The milk tea tastes not good actually, but when I arrive, they play Deserts Xuan. It alleviates my disappointment.

However, I met two strangers accidentally. First one, he asked where I suggest to go in Taiwan? Because all was sudden and short, I only said that beautiful beaches in Kenting and gorgeous marbles in Huilieng. Then, I went off. I was remorseful. OMG…my suggestion was weak!

I feel there are very beautiful scenery and many fine foods in Taiwan. Non-stop bookstores of Eslite in Taipei. Enjoy Springs and village lifes in Miaoli. Frontiers of food in Taichung. Gorgeous scenery in Nantou. Sweet foods, many temples, and good and cheap tea stores in Tainan. Changing its face in Kaohsiung. Passionate beach in Kenting. My favorite conglomerate beach and long long coastline in Taitung. Beautiful coastline and Tarko National Park in Huilieng. High mountain in Alisan and Shei-Pa National Park. There are different attractive places in off-shore island. So, when a foreigner asks you what you suggestion of vacation is in Taiwan , what is your answer??? Please help me!

Second foreigner is an Italien, and he can speak five languages. The only suggestion he gives me is “OPEN MIND” when I travel Italy. Never mind where you are from? Open mind and enjoy the moment.



第二個遇到的是義大利人,會說五國語言,他對我去義大利唯一的建議就是open mind,不管你從哪裡來,打開心胸,享受當下。


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