<WH in Germany> It turns out….

(Originally wrote on 06/22/2012 and modified on 04/18/2015)

Semester of children will end less than two weeks, so it took place performance of children in the kindergarten. Every father and mother dressed formally. There was a Chinese fan dance in brother’s class, but I feel like it celebrated “Burn dragon boats”. So weird! After performance is school festival. Because they studied France school, father and mother came from different nations. There were various national foods. Diana mama danced, like samba or aerobics, in the morning. She wanted to play with children, but her children didn’t like it. Instead, others dance with music. Germany v.s. Greece of soccer game played (UEFA EURO 2012) at night. Oh…Germany got 4 points. Genius!

Shooting always happens in the blink of the eye, and it likes making decision. You will suddenly realize something and change your way.



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