<WH in Germany> Sunset of Munich

(Originally wrote on 06/19/2012 and modified on 04/17/2015)

When I stood in children’s room, I saw the beautiful sunset. However, my camera is not good enough to take.

We went to the park yesterday, we met the child who wore Gomez. However, brother got a shot by them during the game. He had a pain of stomach,which is lasted to night, finally he went to hospital. Today, he likes a chewing gun and sticks papa and mama.

Dear everyone in Taiwan, there are rains, earthquakes and typhoon recently. Even the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) lets nuclear factories re-open crazily, you have to prepare emergency bags in common. According to issues of American beef and nuclear re-open, the government seems to want to research human trials in free. Standard clinical trials will explain you the risks, but the government is out of control now.

No matter what they do, just say we do it by laws. We establish laws and then insult laws, WTF! So, if you have to work or go to school tomorrow, be careful! If the winds and rains are too big, please take a rest and stay at home to surf what anti-nuclear people do. Of course, everyone need to do it. Papa, mama, brother, and my dear friends, hope everyone stays fine. Except cross your fingers and pray, I don’t know what I am supposed to depend on.





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