<WH in Germany> Schloss Nymphenburg

(Originally wrote on 06/17/2012 and modified on 04/17/2015)

I went to Schloss Nymphenburg in the suburbs of Munich. Here likes Schloß Charlottenburg in Berlin. It was taken as summer palace.

Oh…it practices the song “There is a river in front of my home, and a mountainside in back of my home. There are many flowers in mountainside. The flowers are red, that likes fire. There are swans in the river. Swans play in the grass happily, and sing love songs.”

Although here is flat, the latitude is higher than Taiwan. The plants seem to in the mountain that I saw in Taiwan. Except swans and ducks swim, you will hear the voice of birds. If you don’t enter the museums, all is free! So sweet. There are many joggers on the roads, even lazy am I, I want to “move like jagger.” We are watching UEFA EURO 2012 together at night. Germany versus Denmark. Diana mama always screams. It will be double tense! Späth papa enjoys his dinner and ice cream calmly. Younger sister always screams and cries cross the living room.

Today VIP: Number 15 young boy. Handsome!!!

ps1. How to arrive Schloss Nymphenburg? Take line 16 or 17 (Direction: Amalienburgstraße) at Karlsplatz, Sendlinger Tor or central station, and get off at Schloss Nymphenburg. Schloss Nymphenburg is on your left. Just follow the people.

今天去了在慕尼黑市區附近的寧芬堡,和柏林的Schloß Charlottenburg有點像,都是當作夏季行宮,而且實踐了”我家門前有小河,後面有山坡,山坡上面野花多,野花紅似火,小河裡有白鵝,鵝兒戲綠波,戲弄綠波鵝兒快樂,昂首唱情歌”。

雖然都是平地,但因為緯度較高,樹木也比較像是台灣山裡才會到看到的植物,除了天鵝和鴨子在划水,不時也有清脆的鳥叫聲,只要不進去博物館參觀都是免費的,重點是廁所也是免費的,揪感心啊!所以路上也很多來慢跑運動的人,連我都想move like jagger了。

晚上大家一起看了UEFA EURO 2012,德國對丹麥,Diana媽媽不時尖叫歡呼,幫已經很緊張的球賽更添加緊張氣氛,Späth爸爸則是一臉冷靜的享受他的晚餐及冰淇淋,妹妹則是依然尖叫哭鬧,穿梭在整個客廳,立下重要戰功的是15號的年輕男孩,帥翻了!

[註1]搭16線或17線Tram往Amalienburgstraße的方向,可從Karlsplatz或Sendlinger Tor或火車站搭,在Schloss Nymphenburg站下車,寧芬堡會在行車方向的左手邊,通常這站會很多人下車,跟著人群走就對了。


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