<WH in Germany> weird bubble tea in McDonald

(Originally wrote on 06/16/2012 and modified on 04/16/2015)

Finally, I went to buy bubble tea of McDonald in Germany today. Yes, this is pearl milk tea!!! You can choose regular or grande. There are green, black, white tea or with milk as bases of tea. The flavors are peach, lemon and lime, mango, passion fruit, granatapfel, vanilla, or caramel. Bubble are strawberry boba, mango boba, litschi boba, boba mix, passion fruit jelly, or coffee jelly. Regular costs 2.69 Euro. Grande costs 2.99 Euro. But I need to say my favorite is 50-lan of Taiwan. They call it “BOBA”, but when you chew, boba spurt the juice. No chewy. The skin of boba more likes an aloe, and the flavor of tea with juice is not what I like.

May, please send me pearl and Asamu-black tea, love you.

I feel today is a weird day. I bought Bahn Card 25 and ticket of Paris and Rome in DB office, and got the internet of Burger King successfully. Because I don’t want to consume at Starbucks or Burger King, I stand outside the store and use Wifi. I talk to my mom, and ask her to help me. She says YES!!! (For within 3 months traveler in Germany, Probe Bahn Card 25 is worth to buy and can use with another 4 friends. Early-bird tickets in DB are much cheaper than normal price. If you have Bahn Card 25, you can get 25% off of your early-bird ticket. However, remember cancer before 6 weeks of expire date, or you will automatically receive one-year subscription of  Bahn Card 25. This is very very important!)

I found that the date of one ticket is WRONG when I was on the way home! OMG…I saw the money gone, because it’s special ticket. If I return the ticket, I need to pay 15 Euro, and seat fee 4 Euro T_T

Dinner time was with weird movies. Father has an incest with daughter. Mother knows everything, but she says nothing. A girl who lives this family but can’t speak kill the father by a string finally. The naked scenes are very nature, not blur like Taiwan. The most important thing is that I see the movie with Diana mama and children.

今天終於去喝了德國麥當勞的bubble tea,就是傳說中的珍珠奶茶,可以選擇中杯或大杯,茶基底有綠茶紅茶白茶或加奶,口味有桃子檸檬百香果石榴香草焦糖,加料有草莓芒果荔枝波霸或混珠,或者百香果凍咖啡凍,現在售價中杯2.69歐元,大杯2.99歐元,只能說我還是愛五十嵐啊!雖然說是波霸,但一咬就會爆破,噴出裡面的果汁,沒有咬勁,外皮反而像是蘆薈,有果汁味的茶也不是我的菜。 May 快點寄珍珠和紅茶來啦!我要阿薩姆的。好不容易覺得今天比較沒有卡陰了,成功在DB櫃檯買了bahn card 25和七月要去巴黎和羅馬部分的票,還成功偷了漢堡王的無線網路(因為不想要多花錢買飲料坐在星巴克或漢堡王,所以我都會假裝路人站在店門口外面偷用他們的網路,還和我媽講上skype,嗚~因為我的郵局debit card不能線上刷卡,媽媽說可以救助我,太感動了!),得意洋洋的回到捷運上,發現有一張票竟然訂錯時間了,我都要吐血了我,新台幣是這樣花的嗎?退票是要沒收15歐元的,訂位還是不能退的。回到家看了詭異的電影,父女亂倫,媽媽含淚吞,住在這個家庭的另一個不能說話的女孩在父親狂歐女兒的時候,用琴弦殺死了父親,裸露鏡頭很自然,不像在台灣會打馬賽克,最重要這一段,我是和媽媽還有小孩們一起觀看!


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