<WH in Germany> Thanks for your flowers

(Originally wrote on 06/14/2012 and modified on 04/16/2015)

We went to park by bikes today. Brother wore kneecaps and helmet. However, dress code of sister was PRINCESS. Da-Ta….

Brother wanted to join other elementary school students who are playing the soccer. Oh! Number 33, Gomez, of Bayern München shoot! I was in a daze on the bench. However, their interactions were too funny, so I moved my ass to see what happened. Sister walked through three boys during the game.

At first, they ignored sister, but they changed their attitude when I approached. They became gentle and polite, and accepted flowers that sister gave them. Everyone got over 10 flowers. One put his pocket, and the other one put his sock. Finally, when they see sister, they stick their hand to get flowers. But brother just shout: Get out! This is so funny!

今天騎腳踏車去附近公園玩,哥哥是全副武裝穿了護膝和安全帽,妹妹竟然說要穿公主裝,哥哥想要加入其他小學生踢足球的行列,喔!Bayern München 33號的Gomez,Tor!本來坐在椅子上發呆的話,看到他們互動實在太有趣,只好移動屁股去欣賞這實在太好笑的畫面。妹妹穿梭在其他三個踢足球的男孩中間,本來都忽略妹妹的三個男孩,看到我走近後,變得非常紳士,還會說謝謝!開始接受妹妹送花的行為,每個人大概接受十朵花以上,一個是猛塞到口袋裡,一個是塞到襪子裡,後來看到妹妹走進還會自動伸出手來接妹妹的花,哥哥則是一直叫她走開,別擋路,我在旁邊都要笑翻了我!


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