If you’re scared of Stinky Tofu, but love the soft taste of tofu, you must come here to try “bai-yu tofu (白玉豆腐)”. They use the making technique of tofu pudding to manafacture it. Because it’s not easy to preserve, it was sold by limiting the bai-yu tofu. You can taste the pure bean flavor of bai-yu tofu with pickled daikon radish and ginger, not typical cabbage. If you’re vegetarian, you also can try their stinky tofu, which was fermented by vegetable. Have a tee, and enjoy the Japanese vendor style here. Talk to the young and hospitable owner, or the people who do the sports. The stadium is just next to the store. And then have a good night ending.


Open time: 14:00-22:00 (Wed. closed) Likes on Facebook!
Address: No.2-6, Jinan St., Pingtung City, 900, Taiwan(屏東市濟南街2-6號)
Tel: +886-916199318