<WH in Germany> Go find a dream and insistently keep going

(Originally wrote on 06/11/2012 and modified on 04/15/2015)

Brother and sister always want to compare who is the first opening the door of U-Bahn or elevator and don’t listen to my warning. Today, we got the big-bang consequences.

They opened the door simultaneously today, but fingers of sister were stuck in the door. I pulled fingers of sister and leaved U-Bahn in a hurry. In the meantime, someone pushed emergency button. Sister cried so loud. Suddenly, U-Bahn paused, and all passengers looked outside to see what happened. The crew and staff ran to us.

A nice woman who spoke English to help us. The emergency button was started so staff needs to record. If sister get a fracture, MVG should pay the money. So, we experienced to sit in the office of U-Bahn and emergency service for the first time. However, I was asked to show my passport twice in a week. I hope it’s not my fault.

Diana mama and I watch Grey’s Anatomy in German in lunchtime. I felt sad when I watched part of George dying again. Everyone has dream, maybe one day you will be on your way that is you really dream, maybe not. If you’re in, please insist, never regret, and then keep going.




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