<WH in Germany> Day 1. Babysitter

(Originally wrote on 06/10/2012 and modified on 04/14/2015)

Today is World War Three? Damn it!

The brother and sister like naked and punching each other. I want to play “Come On! Bay Bay!” suddenly, please play below YouTube. The lyric is “When we were little, we used the same room and sleep together. Sometimes you were angry with no reason, so I hit your stomach. However, I was afraid of you crying so loud, I covered your head by bed quilt. It was obviously your fault, but I had to apologize. It made me be afraid of girls crying in my life.”

I hope they will remember the moment they smelled each other’s ass. It is so classic. I finally know Ben10 is a game of cartoon. American dragon is a cartoon. I have to pick up brother, and then sister. Brother has two good friends. Younger sister is picky what she eats, but she eats so much. She needs three eggs in a day. They want mama before they sleep. Today, sister sleeps at 21:38. Tomorrow, continue to fight.

I miss the sun of Berlin. I don’t think I’m white. However, the part that is not covered by shoes and pants is so black!!!


希望他們以後會記得此刻互聞對方屁屁的時刻,真是太經典的畫面。喔還有,我終於知道Ben10是要玩卡通的遊戲,American dragon是一部卡通,先接哥哥再去接妹妹,哥哥有兩位好朋友。妹妹雖然很挑食,但食量非常大,一天要吃三顆蛋,睡前兩兄妹都吵著要媽媽,今天妹妹睡著時間21:38,明天繼續奮鬥。



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