<WH in Germany> Always transfer in Frankfurt, Germany?

(Originally wrote on 06/09/2012 and modified on 04/14/2015)

I finally watched small S comes back in “KangXi Lai Le”. It was funny that big S praises the oldest daughter of small S is a free fighter.

I went to Frankfurt today. When I was on the way to Frankfurt. There were crowd of people going watching UEFA 2012 in the train. Boys or girl group of Germany like to hang out together. Someone puts sucker in the beer of helmet, so that he drinks at any time. Wonderful advice!

Except many beers, I also saw various type of German flags, for example, wreath or hats, etc. When they got on, they started to speak loud. WowWowWow! You can imagine 20 drunk people in a railway carriage. Two men groups wanted to catch the attention of girls in the middle. This moment deserves to record, but I’m a coward.

I leisurely walked in Frankfurt and enjoyed lunch. Considering the price and serve, Quelle in Berlin is worth. But potato of Wirtshaus taste good. Hefeweizen beer is also good. The toilet of city hall is FREE! There are many automatic stamper machines on the road. So sweet. There are scenery and characters in every city. It took place activity “WIR SIND GANZ CHOR!” Shopping in flea market along the Rhein and seeing the most eastern people in Frankfurt.

Many people may have cold experiences in Frankfurt because they just transfer from Frankfurt , see towering buildings or don’t have enough time to keep slow paces in here. However, maybe I was there in a cozy day and had good food. Frankfurt, not so bad!


今天去了Frankfurt,火車上遇到一大堆要去看UEFA 2012的人,德國人喜歡男男或女女一群人出去玩,男生除了啤酒不斷之外(還有人把啤酒放在帽子上裝了吸管可以一直喝),還有各式各樣的德國國旗的商品,花圈或帽子等等,上車後就開始大聲吆喝, Rosetina Huang可以想像是 20幾個喝醉的人在同一個車廂中的畫面,前後來自不同地方的男子團體一直試圖夾殺中間的女子團體,這畫面實在太值得記錄,但我太俗仔了,不敢拍照。

最後決定悠閒的逛Frankfurt,吃個優閒的午餐,以價格和份量而言,在柏林那家Quelle是最划算的,但在Wirtshaus的薯塊好好吃,啤酒Hefeweizen也好好喝,而且市政廳上廁所不用錢,路上也很多自動郵票販售機,揪大心。每個城市都有每個城市的風景和特色,今天還有舉辦WIR SIND GANZ CHOR!加上萊茵河邊還有跳蚤市場,算是東方臉孔最多的ㄧ個城市,不過總算是見到久違的陽光,真是太開心了。

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