(Originally wrote on 06/08/2012 and modified on 04/13/2015)

I got city map yesterday and also wanted to renew  to my cell phone by Burger King’s wifi, so I hang around the city center. However, I was stopped and was asked “Do you think what percentage of brain was used?” on the way to Karlsplatz. I say I don’t know, but I think it’s not important. The most important thing is that think, and then activate synapses, because I’m major in brain science.

He took “The evolution of a science” that was wrote by L. RON HUMMARD. He said this book is what I just said, and you can see it. I feel too hard to walk away directly, so I spent 6 Euro to buy the book. It is not expensive for English book. Hope it doesn’t make me disappointed. (Actually I haven’t finished this book till now.) I ordered kingbox of Burger King, but the staff didn’t give me toy. Come on it’s pink crown!!! WHY don’t give me??? Even I knew I’m not child anymore.

I’m so disappointed. Now the government and the social people lose the possibilities of conversations. Most people don’t care about it. Some people only care about themselves. A few people say NO! But opposite voice was submerged by fraud that we need jobs and successfully economy.

昨天去了火車站拿市區地圖,順便想要用漢堡王的無線網路更新一下手機,但在往Karlsplazt的路上被攔截問說你覺得你的腦已經被開發了幾%,我說我不知道,但我覺得那不重要,重要的是你要去思考,然後活化突觸,因為我是學腦科學的,結果他就拿出L. RON HUMMARD寫的The evolution of a science這本書給我,他說這是你剛才說的事情,你可以看看,結果我覺得實在太難直接走掉,我就花了六歐元買了,畢竟以英文書的價錢這不算貴,希望他不是一個會讓我失望的書。