<WH in Germany> best beer ever in Hofbräuhaus München

(Originally wrote on 06/07/2012 and modified on 04/12/2015)

Yeah…I finally find the Mandarin keyboard in Windows.

Yesterday we went to famous “Hofbräuhaus” in Munich. It was good with German if you want to like a local. Compare to black-beer or wheat-beer, I like white-beer more. (Actually after I’ve been to places and tasted so many beers, white beer here is still my favorite. However, I’ve never drunk in Taiwan. What a pity!) The picture shows roast chicken, it likes “TAN-A-GE” in Taiwanese if you add pepper.

Thanks for explanation of Stella Wang. But I need to learn “If you don’t clean your ass clearly, you will get a pin worm, and then you will go to see doctor.” in German. Hope you have good journey!

ps. Hofbräuhaus is on Marienplatz.

耶!找到windows內建的中文鍵盤。昨天去慕尼黑有名的啤酒屋-Hofbräuhaus,有在地人帶路就是不一樣,相較於黑啤酒和小麥啤酒,我還是比較喜歡甜甜的白啤酒,圖片中的烤雞讓我想起台灣的桶仔雞,味道超級像的,只差沒有胡椒鹽而已。謝謝 Stella Wang精闢的解說,不過我好像應該要先學一下,如果屁屁沒有擦乾淨的話,會長蟲蟲那就要去看醫生的德文。期待你接下來的旅程依然精彩!



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