<WH in Germany> Goodbye Berlin, love you

(Originally wrote on 06/05/2012 and modified on 04/11/2015)

Seeing the beautiful scenery maybe depends how lucky you are.

Before leaving Berlin for a few hour, I want to see gorgeous sunset that shines down the river. But it’s pity that I didn’t see that. There are always many people in Mustafas Gemüsekebap that near the hostel I live. I don’t have opportunity to eat it.

Next time, I’m gonna see theaters in Berlin. “Tonight, we are young! So let’s set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun.”

I like Volkspark Friedrichshain the most. You can play beach volleyball, table tennis, basketball, swim, rock climbing, sunbath. But, REMEMBER don’t go on SUNDAY!!! There are many many people in the grass, naked and screaming children, and the nature toilets are incredibly disgusting.”

ps1. Berlin wall in this article locates at Warschauer strasse of U1, S5, S7 and S75.
ps2. Kebap is at Mehringdamm of U6 and U7. It is also near the famous Curry 36.
ps3. How to arrive Volkspark Friedrichshain? Take Tram (M4. or Bus 200.

好風景是可遇不可求的,最後離開柏林的幾個小時,去柏林圍牆想去碰到美麗的夕陽,hostel樓下的Kebap人潮從來沒斷過,看來是無緣吃到,下次來柏林一定就要去看戲了!Tonight, we are young! So let’s set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun.

最喜歡Volkspark Friedrichshain公園,可以打沙灘排、桌球、籃球、戲水、攀岩、曬太陽,但聽說千萬不要禮拜天去,不然除了草皮上都是一顆顆人頭,還有無數裸露的小孩尖叫,連天然廁所也噁到爆了!

[註1] 此文中指的柏林圍牆位於U1終點站Warshauer strasse (S5.S7.S75皆有經過)附近。
[註2] Kebap位於Mehringdamm (U6或U7皆有經過),距離超有名Curry 36只有幾步路。
[註3] Volkspark Friedrichshain可坐Tram (M4.或Bus 200到達。


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