<WH in Germany> Awesome Dresden BlingBlingBling

(Originally wrote on 06/04/2012 and modified on 04/10/2015)

This golden sculpture made me want to sing “Let us go together. Let us live happily. We ride horse and we share the life what we have. We drink and then sing the joy in ours hearts. We have crazy life and we hold the young.”

Old architectures of Dresden are extremely golden and luxury. Amazingly beautiful! Although these architectures don’t consider rate of capacity, compare to modern architectures, now we only have a colorful cube house . Oh…founder of Bauhaus, please don’t kill me. I intended to go to Meissen at first, but I’m lazy. So, hometown of porcelain, maybe see you next time.

ps1. The sculpture of picture is at the middle of Neustadt and Altstadt. The man was called Goldener Reiter.
ps2. The song “When” was sang by Powerstation. This is a famous song of theater in 1998.





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