<WH in Germany> What you do is the most important

(Originally wrote on 06/03/2012 and modified on 04/08/2015)

I have waited the sunny day for whole day, but only whole raining day.

The last two day in Berlin, even outside is cold, I still want to go out to eat delicious currywurst. The ketchup and mayonnaise are very good (I don’t eat these sauces in Taiwan), although the quality of French fries are different every time. Please choose Curry 36.

The roommate of last few days didn’t know how to respect, but he wants other people to respect him. FUCK! I could sleep all night, but now I woke up 2-3 times. Oh…I miss home.Berlin is interesting. However, I need to move to the next city.

What I learn is not to believe people who talk so much big words and everything what I see. Of course, don’t follow other people blindly. What you do means what you say. The people, who talk too much, don’t practice what they say. Before I go to Germany, I travel Taitung alone. I argued with the host of hostel. However, I haven’t conclude until now. But I think a person who studies too much, it doesn’t mean how grand he is. The knowledge of expert is your tool for work, and earning money. You can count on your expert to live richly for a life. But that’s just money.

When you live but don’t care the life around you, you just think “Oh…it’s not my business. I can’t help it.” and you don’t want to discuss and participate, even realize. This is not a slogan of “I love Taiwan” or satisfied yourself. If the government is god, we don’t need election anymore.

If we acts inside the circle, the people who know the laws always escape the hole of laws, and finally they survive, but other people die. Why do we need the laws? Absolutely, you can share music, foods, beauty, movies, blahblah for whole life, because many people in the world who don’t care about you. BUT, you notice what happened around you, and connect to this society. It’s so difficult to you?
ps1. Curry 36 is at Mehringdamm of U6 or U7.
ps2. The picture was taken on the way from Hallesches Tor to Jüdischen Museums Berlin.

今天一直在等晴天,想看柏林夕陽整個倒映在河上的風景,但卻等了一整個雨天,待在柏林倒數第二天,冷吱吱還是要再去回味好吃的currywurst,雖然薯條每次都軟硬不同,但是除了番茄醬好吃,美乃滋也很好吃(和台灣很不一樣),請指名Curry 36,不要再去觀光地旁邊買貴鬆鬆的currywurst,真的不值得!


我所學會的,不要太去相信那些很會說的人,也不要看見什麼就相信什麼,當然不要別人說什麼就聽什麼,你所"做"的才會代表你"說"的,那些道貌岸然說的頭頭是道的人,通常做的都不會是像他說的。照片是Hallesches Tor站出來後往猶太人博物館的路上的照片,再來德國前跑去台東一個人旅行的時候,跟青年旅館主人在半夜有了一段討論(或者爭論),到現在我還是無法整理出一個結論。但我覺得一個人並不因為書讀了多少而有多麼偉大,專業知識只是一個謀生的工具,你可能因為你的專業知識窮其一生都富有而生活無虞。但那只是錢財,當你生活在社會上,如果你不願去關心你周遭的生活,只是覺得喔我做不到,那不關我的事情,而不去討論和參與,甚至是了解,這不是所謂愛台灣或者所謂的自我滿足而已,如果政府是萬能的,我們從此可以不用選舉制度,可是如果我們總是在框框內行動,懂法的人永遠在鑽漏洞,這個社會為何還需要法律,因為鑽漏洞的人才得以生存。生活當然可以一直分享音樂、美食、俊男美女、電影等,終其一生,因為世界上不在乎你的人何其多,但如果多注意周遭發生的事情,和週遭再多一點關連,或許也無妨吧!

[註]Curry 36位於U6或U7上的Mehringdamm站。


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