<WH in Germany> The twist between Jew and German

(Originally wrote on 06/02/2012 and modified on 04/07/2015)

If you’re interested in what Nazi treat Jew, I’ll recommend a super sucks one-day-tour.

It starts from the suburbs of Berlin. Sachsenhausen (Concentrating Camp)→Topographie des TerrorsDenkmal fűr die ermordeten Juden EuropasJűdisches Museum Berlin. German try to expose the past histories to the whole world.

In front of the records, everyone is silent, quiet and burdensome.

Only the Jűdisches Museum Berlin needs to buy ticket, others are free. Compare to the museums of Berlin, I think you may know Jew more and re-think what they’re doing in the world.

Okay…now is joking time. I’ve seen many people tattooing in Berlin. Sometimes, it showed Mandarin. It’s supposed that those characters were checked by people who know Mandarin. But I often see the weird characters.

Last time, I saw “moon, scholar, sun (陰家陽)”. It’s supposed “moon, sun, scholar (陰陽家)”, isn’t it? Oh…the most interesting, someone got a tattoo “sensitive” on wrist. I want to push his hand so much and check how sensitive it is.

ps1. The tour is cross ABC Zones. Sachsenhausen is at Oranienburg of S1, after you get off, follow the route sign. It takes 20 minutes.
ps2. Topographie des Torres is at Kochstrasse of U6. Then, walk for 10 minutes.
ps3. Denkmal fűr die ermordeten Juden Europas is at Potsdamer Platz of U2, S1, and S2, and walk for 5 minutes.
ps4. Jűdisches Museum Berlin is near Hallesches Tor of U6/U1. It takes for 10 minutes to arrive. It also closes Topographie des Terrors.

如果對納粹黨如何對待猶太人過程有興趣的人,我推薦柏林超sucks不吐都不行的一天就可逛完行程,從郊外的Sachsenhausen(集中營)→Topographie des TerrorsDenkmal fűr die ermordeten Juden EuropasJűdisches Museum Berlin。把過去的記錄暴露在世人眼前,在這些記錄前所有人是沉默、安靜且沉重的,只有最後猶太人博物館才需要參觀費,我覺得比起其他柏林的博物館,這四家完整性及豐富性最好。


[註2]Topographie des Terrors在U6上的Kochstrasse站附近,約走10分鐘。
[註3]Denkmal fűr die ermordeten Juden Europas位於U2,S1,S2上的Potsdamer Platz站附近,約走5分鐘。
[註4]Jűdisches Museum Berlin位於U6或U1的Hallesches Tor站附近,約走10分鐘(離Topographie des Terrors不算太遠)。


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