<WH in Germany> Tiergarten Quelle

(Originally wrote on 06/01/2012 and modified on 04/06/2015)

I have been in Germany for 18 days. I ate two meals in a day. The pants was tight before I come to Germany, but now is LOOSE. I skip my last German class today, and I want to buy me something good.

I went to Tiergarten Quelle which is a over 100 years restaurant. I wanted to order Pork Knuckle, but I failed. I order steak and sausage with pickled cabbage. The pickled cabbage is good, and the portion is super big. My next boy seems like one of girls, but the other girl talked too much. Some witch laughs, which is back of me, through all the restaurant, kakakaka……

ps. Tiergarten Quelle is at Tiergarten of S-Bahn.

來到德國第十八天,在每天只吃兩餐的情況下,來德國前有點緊的牛仔褲,竟然屁股卡不太住了。今天閒閒沒事做(其實翹了最後一堂語言課),決定好好犒賞自己,去吃Tiergarten Quelle百年老店的德國豬腳啦!我做了功課,找了餐廳,但沒想到菜單還是英文的,但我竟然點到肉排和香腸,雖然酸菜很好吃,份量超級大,隔壁男大學生看起來很想追其中一個女學生,但顯然另外一個女生很不識相一直講話。後面還一直傳來有如巫婆般的笑聲,喀喀喀喀!

[註]Tiergarten Quelle位於S-Bahn的Tiergarten站。


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