<WH in Germany> Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz

(Originally wrote on 05/29/2012 and modified on 04/04/2015)

This artwork let me think of the performance of the TV show “KangXi Lai Le”. The star drop the Chinese ink on his head. This museum made me scared that if I’m close to the artworks, it will ring with embarrassment. So shamed.

If you like religion murals, you can choose Gemäldegalerie. I was surprised that they can drew 3D and delicate face expression in 15/16 centuries. However, I don’t recommend Museum fűr Film und Fernsehen. If you have Museum Pass, it’s not free but you just pay more 3 Euro. It is not worth for me.

The weather of spring in Berlin changes fast. People of south Korea ignore Taiwan, and the obvious fact is: I met many Korea here. When I say I come from Taiwan, they don’t know where Taiwan is and don’t know Taiwanese speak mandarin. No mention controversy between Taiwan and China. Yesterday Iran man discussed that he should buy Samsung Galaxy or Iphone. I wonder  there is no place for HTC. Although I don’t know how good it is.

ps1. The picture was taken in New National Gallery.


如果是喜歡宗教壁畫,可以到Gemäldegalerie參觀,我對於他們在15.16世紀開始就能夠畫出如此立體以及精細的神態感到十分驚奇,差不多是對李白杜甫等人能夠寫好詩一樣。不過Museum fűr Film und Fernsehen就真的可以略過,原本以為屬於Museum Pass,沒想到只是有折扣,雖然只要多繳三歐元,但還是覺得很不划算啊!

今天柏林春天後母面,沒太陽冷颼颼,好想躲在被窩裡睡覺。我覺得對於南韓無視於台灣最明顯的感覺是在這裡遇到的好幾個韓國人,當我說我來自台灣的時候,他們面露這在哪的表情,以及台灣說中文這件事情也感到很陌生,更別說是不是屬於中國的問題。昨天伊朗人在說到底要買Samsung Galaxy還是iphone的時候,我想說那HTC在哪裡,雖然我也說不出好在哪就是了。



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