<WH in Germany> Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

(Originally wrote on 05/28/2012 and modified on 04/03/2015)

I have never thought that I felt sad about leaving in the hostel.

We just need a bed to sleep. We may talk or just say hello to each other. We sleep in the same room one or one more nights. We even don’t know what the impact is on each other.I was sleepless yesterday for this reason.

I should be here to find who I am, but I only find lost.

What am I thinking?
What do I want to do?
What is my belief?
Where do I go?
What do the people here think?

The people that I met in Berlin like to talk. However, a man I met in the hostel said that they just talk and talk, but Berlin is dead. I’m not sure this point.

Anyway, I hope I can find someone teach me German, because I am disappointed with the German Language School. Today, I went to Bauhaus in Berlin. But I got lost. I took over 1 hour to find it. When I planed to give up, I finally found it. However, compare the price and resource of Museum Pass, Paris deserves better.
ps1. If you plan to visit museums of Berlin, refer to 3-day Museum Pass. Student costs 9.5 Euro. Adult costs 19 Euro. Many museums open till 22:00 on Thursday.
ps2. How to arrive Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin? Take Bus 100/M29/187/106 to Lützowplatz.



好想趕快找到可以教我德文的在地人,我對於語言學校處於完全心死的狀態。今天去Bauhaus在柏林的據點,整個大卡陰,來回找了一個小時才找到,就在要放棄的時候,才看到有類似高雄左營偶像劇很愛拍的場景的地方(忘了名字!是彎彎曲曲往上的陸橋)。以Museum pass的價錢及精彩度而言,巴黎才真的有賺到的感覺。

[註1]在柏林參觀博物館,可參考三天的Museum Pass,學生9.5歐,成人19歐,並且許多家博物館在禮拜四開到晚上十點。
[註2]Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin:可坐公車100/M29/187/106到Lützowplatz下車。


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