(Originally wrote on 05/27/2012 and modified on 04/02/2015)

I think it’s suitable to ride carriage today. To compensate that I went to Potsdam, but it was late that I went back yesterday, today I go to Schlossgarten. There are many parks and squares in Berlin. Just take a blanket and books, you can have a good day.

I thought Kamill is good enough. However, in Germany, only Vaseline is my best friend. The air of Berlin is very dirty, I have to clean my nostril to breath everyday. Recently, the trees fall something like cotton, and this make me want to sing “I can’t forget the road of cotton. That is the climax of last summer.”

ps. You can take Bus M45/109 to arrive Schloss Charlottenburg.



[註2]可搭Bus m45/109到達Schloss Charlottenburg