<WH in Germany> Flohmarkt am Mauerpark

(Originally wrote on 05/26/2012 and modified on 04/01/2015)

Today I went to Sachsenhausen where the cute Argentina boy recommended. OMG…I only can say It SUCKS!!!

If we actually have souls, I think my soul is injured. That is much awful than I’ve ever watched scenes of any movies. To relieve my soul, I went to flea market of Mauerpark.

I bought a magnet and costed only 1 Euro. I took the picture in Mauerpark. It is so cool. The man added water so the robot kept going. PuzPuz….. Except playing the instrument, it deserves to be a professional busker.

There was an activity to celebrate Pfingstsonntag in Mehringdamm. It look likes the carnival of Brazil that I saw on the ending of TV news. Here were unique dress code, beer, loud music and orderly performance of percussion instrument.

Although it seems the day is businessmen want to earn money, people who want to be drunk. Mehringdamm is full of drunk people and garbage. Anyway, I hope I will be here at the same time next year because it’s so HAPPY!!!

ps1. Sachsenhausen is at Oranienburg of S1, after you get off, follow the route sign. It takes 20 minutes.
ps2. How to arrive Mauerpark? Take U2 or U8,get off at Eberswalder strasse or Bernauer strasse, respectively. Then, walk or take Tram (M10) to Wolliner strasse.



今天Mehringdamm大街上,慶祝Pfingstsonntag活動,好像台灣新聞最後會看到的巴西嘉年華會,有奇裝異服、有啤酒、有音樂、最後還有超整齊的打擊樂隊。雖然看起來像是商人為了賺錢、大家為了喝酒狂歡的日子,醉漢和垃圾堆滿了Mehringdamm,但還是希望明年這個時候我還能在這裡get drunk!!!因為好嗨森啊~

[註2]Mauerpark可坐到U2的Eberswalder strasse或U8的Bernauer strasse,之後走路或者搭Tram M10在Wolliner strasse下車即可。


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