<WH in Germany> lovely Paris path

(Originally wrote on 07/11/2012 and modified on 04/22/2015) I left for train station at 5:00 and seemed like by wind. A total and new life starts! No more kids anymore.

<WH in Germany> Where am I going?

(Originally wrote on 07/06/2012 and modified on 04/21/2015) This is the big sculpture what I missed in Schwabing last year. I intended to go to Englisher Garten last week. I saw it when I walked from Universtät to Giselastrasse of U-Bahn.

<WH in Germany> try BMW museum

(Originally wrote on 06/29/2012 and modified on 04/20/2015) I’ll be hot to die. Although it’s not hot and wet like Taiwan, the temperature is 31 Celsius today.

<WH in Germany> What is your best suggestion?

(Originally wrote on 06/23/2012 and modified on 04/18/2015) I feel so far from Taiwan in Germany. Even the Dragon Boat Festival, I need to ask my best friend. I watch Golden Melody Awards every year, but I know who win the awards from facebook of friends. My friends have fallen in love over 10 years,…