<WH in Germany> Back to Weimar Republic

(Originally wrote on 05/25/2012 and modified on 03/31/2015)

This weekend is Pfingstsonntag of Germany.Now is 10 pm. You still can hear loud music downstairs. Tongzi…Tongzi…. The music is no different between nationalities. Even people of the England in our room move with music.

I went to Weimar and Erfurt Today. Easy connection between these cities, you can check on DB Bahn. If you’re gonna travel in the Germany and adjacent countries, please keep it all the time.

The clouds were super beautiful. When I was on the way of train, I always raised my head to see clouds. The clouds in Taiwan are also beautiful,but too many buildings hide the clouds by trains. Except countryside scenery, the sky is often gorgeous.

Here are some people who don’t marry, and have no constant home. They live in hostel, and they have only few suitcase. They drink at night. It seems that if you don’t have beer belly, you are not German. They eat the food they like. Maybe they have jobs, maybe not. They’re just against capitalism or republicanism.

The houses in Weimar like cubes. About 8 windows per wall, but Erfurt retains the architectures of Middle ages. Their development combined with churches. The only type house I can draw is the small house that is with sloping and red roof in the field. I don’t know whether it is called “HOME”. However, I think whatever the house it is, the meaning of home needs identification and warm of people.





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