<WH in Germany> BOBOQ

(Originally wrote on 05/24/2012 and modified on 03/30/2015)

I went to BOBOQ and spent 3 Euro to buy expensive pearl milk tea because I missed Taiwan. Even pearl and milk tea tasted not good and didn’t like Taiwan, I almost cried. Not only the price, but also miss home. I have been here for 2 weeks and was not happy everyday. Sometimes I didn’t feel be respectful and was full of frustration. Here is very interesting, but Taiwan is too comfortable. I miss 50-lan and talk with friends whatever you want.

Hope I can understand what the teachers say next week and speak fluently. Of course, the words I can remember quickly. Der.Die.Das.Nominativ.Akkusativ.Dativ.Genetiv.an.auf.zu.in. Everything is clear!!!

今天去BOBO Q(我懷疑是盜版橘裹子),用三歐元買了貴鬆鬆的中杯珍珠奶茶,以表示想念台灣,雖然珍珠不是很好吃,奶茶也不好喝,但喝到快要哭出來了,當然也因為很貴覺得很想哭。在這裡快兩個禮拜,倒也不是天天開心,偶爾還是會覺得不受到尊重或者挫折感很重。雖然覺得這裡很有趣,但台灣真的太舒服,最想念五十嵐和可以隨便啦賽的聊天。

希望下禮拜可以清楚聽到老師在說什麼,以及可以流利的表達我想說的話,還有單字可以一目十行,Der.Die.Das.Nominativ.Akkusativ.Dativ.Genetiv.an.auf.zu.in。Alles klar!


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