(Originally wrote on 05/23/2012 and modified on 03/28/2015)

I went to Brandenburger Tor today. It seems Top10 attractive of you must come to Berlin. No cloud and cozy day. Jets flied in the sky again and again. It is suitable to sit in the park to take sunbath. I walked around the Tiergarten. Another beautiful park. When I was tired, just sit on the grass to take a rest. However, I found surprised bird and terrified insects near to you. Awesome and awful.

Today, my German teacher taught “Fishers Fritze fischte frische Fische, frische Fische fischte Fishers Fritze”. Just try it how fast you can. When there were German, English, Italy, Spain, Italy-English, Spain-English, Middle-East-English in a class, I almost couldn’t handle it. BTW, the Ketchup of Curry 36 is very good. Thanks recommendation of Nana Di.

今天去看了Brandenburger Tor,好像來柏林不來踩一下地標不行,今天天空無雲,噴射機一次次畫過天際,又是一個適合待在公園曬太陽的日子,繞著Tiergarten走到大道上,走累了就在草地上休息,常有不知名的鳥出現,當然也有不知名的蟲出現

今天老師教了Fishers Fritze fischte frische Fische, frische Fische fischte Fishers Fritze,會唸德文的快來挑戰最快幾秒鐘!當一個教室出現各種德文、英文、義大利文、西班牙文、義大利式英文、西班牙示英文、中東英文,喔!我快不能catch up了。BTW Curry 36的番茄醬真的很讚!謝謝 Nana Di的推薦。