<WH in Germany> Always keep to talk

(Originally wrote on 06/23/2012 and modified on 03/27/2015)

This artwork is on the way of Berliner Mauer. The artist just prepared water, elephant, forest and a slogan. He stayed beside the artwork and explained what happened. When elephants move, if they are lack of water, they are difficult to survive. When people live here, people will rob the water. So, you think what the best solution is? One is people live here and bring water for them, the other is people don’t live here and don’t compete with them.

This is the magic of Berlin!, Wonderful sunshine, talkative, and leisure of city, etc.

Everyone heard I will go to Munich, and they felt I’m crazy. Not only here is cheap but also people in Munich don’t communicate with others in recent years. However, it also happens in Berlin.

Today I talked to children classmate of father. Yes, I’m not in Berlin anymore. He admitted that people in Munich turned to be alienated, but he also said Berlin is BIG MOUTH. HAHA…they always talk, talk, talk. Oh come on, why not?

If you’re idealist, sometimes it’s not easy for you to understand what happened to society. Sometimes you should do something, let something changed. There are chemical alternation we need in ours society. In lyric of City of Deserts Xuan, “Decayed falls in the lands, and then becomes fertile.” If we blame the government, we also need to bring up solutions, and influence other people surround you.

I like to discuss. I remembered I was distressed last year, and I didn’t find the work I like. A boss asked me: Do you think what the problems of society are now? My answer is people don’t communicate with each other. We always think what I want, I need…. We don’t listen to other peoples’ needs. Although I didn’t work in this company, this guy still brought something brainstorm to me. I think success is not only lucky for him.
ps. The picture was taken at Wahrschauer Strasse of U-Bahn.





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