<WH in Germany> Mentor in Berlin

(Originally wrote on 05/22/2012 and modified on 03/25/2015)

I had some progress of my German class. At least I can understand 30% class.

The security of Jüdischen Museums Berlin asked where I come from. When I answer Taiwan, he tells the other staffs right away. It seems like I need world map to explain where Taiwan is. Checkpoint Charlie is about free. Jüdischen Museums Berlin is about the persecution of Jew how to be re-involved in the German life. Respect and tolerate are not easy to do, same as we accept the New inhabitants in Taiwan. I met an artist who have lived in Berlin for 32 years when I was eating currywurst. He asked what my job is. It was difficult to explain my job in short time, so I said “I am nothing.” He seriously told me, “No, you can’t say that. You have to say I’m a Human Being.” This is so helpful!!!

第二天的語言學校終於有點進展,至少聽懂百分之三十,雖然白目小孩很多,但也鬧出不少笑話,而且很愛調侃女老師,惹得老師笑呵呵!Jüdischen Museums Berlin負責安檢的大叔,問我是從哪裡來的,我說完台灣,他還爭相跟前面、對面的安檢人員說台灣來的,好像不買個世界地圖解釋不行。昨天看的checkpoint charlie是想要自由,今天Jüdischen Museums Berlin看的是被迫害的猶太人之後如何融入德國,尊重、包容說的容易,但卻做起來很困難,如同台灣在接受新移民的過程。昨天在吃currywurst遇到一個在柏林住了32年的藝術家阿伯,他問我是做什麼的,因為總體對話都用破德文交談,一時很難解釋我是做什麼的,所以就說了Ich bin (I am) nothing.他立刻曉以大義的說不能這樣,要說Ich bin ein Mensch.(我是人類)。真是太好用了!


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