<WH in Germany>Check it out! Checkpoint Charlie

(Originally wrote on 05/21/2012 and modified on 03/23/2015)

Checkpoint Charlie is my first stop in Berin, but it is too heavy. One more step to get free, however, you die before free. This is what we can’t imagine because we have free since we were born. I attended German class today. However, I want to flea when I sit in the class. The teacher only spoke German and everybody almost has remembered 1000 German words. It makes me frustrated. I live in mixed dorm of hostel. Not to mention everybody is very OPEN, I have to pretend calm down and sleep. I meet German, Chinese, Black, Argentina, Korean, Polish, Spain. Oh…of course, the crazy elementary students and junior school students. Berlin is very passionate. You can talk whatever you want. the content is not important. What you have to do is laughing at the right time. LOVE Berlin!

在柏林第一站就選了checkpoint charlie,實在太過沉重,就差一步就要得到自由,卻死在自由前的感覺,是我們一直擁有自由的人所無法想像。今天終於去上了語言學校,一進門坐下立刻想要奪門而出,完全用德文上課以及大家好像都已經先背了德文單字1000字入門這件事情,一整個揍倒我。住青年旅館混宿大概要忍受大家都很解放自己身體外,還要學習假裝鎮定和睡著,現在遇過德國人、中國人、黑人、阿根廷人、韓國人、波蘭人、西班牙人,還有一堆德國小學生及中學生團體出遊,大鬧青年旅館啦!還有柏林真是個熱情的城市,胡講蝦講也可以跟大家交談甚歡,至於內容不是太重要,在對的時間笑笑即可!


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