<WH in Germany>We don’t eat hamburger in Hamburg

(Originally wrote on 05/20/2012 and modified on 03/22/2015)

I go to fish market the last day in Hamburg. There are full of fishes, clothes, fruits, vegetables, and plants in the fish market. The most important, the boss sell crazily. It is prosperous on holiday in the port. Even Bayern lost in the Complete 2012 Champions League Final yesterday. You still can see beers, old school music and dance in the morning. Cheers!

最後一天去Fischmarkt,這裡賣魚、賣衣服、賣水果、賣蔬菜、賣盆栽,重點老闆還亂賣,價錢亂開啦!假日的海港城終於有熱鬧的感覺。即使前一天歐冠Bayern輸了,在這裡的早晨還是啤酒、old school music、熱舞。Prost!


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