<WH in Germany>Let’s take a cruise in Hamburg!

(Originally wrote on 05/18/2012 and modified on 03/21/2015)

The weather is very good today, so let us take a cruise right now. Awesome city! MUST come here.

I saw “One piece” of German version in Thalia.de. Furthermore, I also saw series of head, neck, and neuron anatomy of Prometheus. OMG! That is easier for me to understand. The girls of Germany are tall and thin, although there is no difference between races that the metabolic rate is slower after 25 years old. However, I feel a little bit sad.

Here come some muscular and testosterone-laden men since yesterday in Generator Hostel. There are full of beers and music in the hostel. PARTY TIME NOW!

今天天空一片晴朗,揚帆讓我們出海去吧!在Thalia.de看到海賊王的德文版,還翻了PROMETHEUS的Kopf, Hals,und Neuroanatomie系列,我竟然還比較看得懂。德國少女體態高挑纖細,雖然25歲代謝變慢這件事情應該沒有分國籍,但不免還是有點小小感傷。這兩天Generator Hostel來了進駐一群肌肉發達,睪酮素異常發達的男子們,啤酒音樂鎮日發響勒!


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