<WH in Germany> Corner of Hamburg

(Originally wrote on 05/16/2012 and modified on 03/18/2015)

I need to review my pictures and blog of Germany, so that my power comes back when I see this picture. Jump and perfectly land. I have stayed in Hamburg for 5 days. I always walk everyday, and take map to adventure. I meet surprise at the something unknown corner. Even I’m bad at German, but I was asked the direction twice. I really want to write something about the pictures what I take. But it’s too difficult. What I miss so much, not fish market. It’s Döner Pomm!!! I just stayed for 5 days, but I ate Döner Pomm of three stores. Oh…I like the first store I ate so much. OMG…I’m starving now.

要開始好好整理照片和網誌了,看到這張照片想旅行的動力又來了,轉身跳躍然後完美落地,我待在漢堡五天,每天就是一直一直走路,拿著地圖去冒險,然後在街角遇到某個小小驚喜,德文雖然不好,但也被問了兩次路。很想寫下每張照片拍下的心情,但是這種不切實際的想法說說就好。最想念的不是魚市,而是Döner Pomm,雖然只待了五天,但我就吃了三家Döner Pomm,喔~魂牽夢縈,最喜歡第一家,我要流口水了。


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