Taipei Art Fine Museum, Taipei 臺北市立美術館

I really need to encourage the curator of TFAM. I was the volunteer of TFAM two years ago. After two years, I still like the ambition of curator of TFAM, so smart and delicated. If somebody visits to Taiwan, Taipei, I strongly recommed you must go to TFAM.

Wanted Dean-E Mei: A Retrospective” shows art is beyond politics.  “Chen Cheng-hsiung – A Restrospective: 1953-2013” is so abstract bout so pinkful and beautiful. “Cloud of Unknowing: A City of Seven Street” presents you have better choice in living. “Happy Birthday, My Dear – Wang Liang-Ying Solo Exhibition” points out that birthday is so so so lonely. “Sacred Sojourn – Jawshing Arthur Liou” is so beautiful, that you will want to visit there in some day.

Here is the website in English: Taipei Art Fine Museum

Come here, just NTD$30 or free!

Read more: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 台北當代藝術館


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